Mann ki Baat

Mann ki Baat: PM Modi discuss the plan Aatma Nirbhar

PM Modi too praised the order given by the people of India in Mann ki Baat.

Mann ki Baat as the celebration period, which will help check the range of Covid-19.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi gives an amazing speech on Sunday.

He appreciates the people of India make India self-reliant with a great example in Mann ki Baat.

Marking the country on ‘Mann Ki Baat’, PM Modi directed on a toy to complete this goal.

He said that in Global toy trade the margin of the toy company is over 7 lakh crore, but in it India’s share is so less. so we will have to work expand it.

The prime minister said that studying about children as the Covid-19 lockdown.

So held talks with management agents to improve the product of natural toys.

He also called in source-up organizers to ‘team up for toys’, speaking it is time to take vocal for local toys.

PM Modi said, “Come, let’s play,” on the 68th of his repeated television home.

The National Education Policy directs on toys for kids to support their creativity and change effects.

The prime minister also asked growing organizers to promote computer games in India.

He told about the innovation challenge app for youth.

The app develops at the starting of this month in which many domestic uses won high attention.

“Everyone recognizes the skill of Indians to offer change, answers.

And when there are commitment and feeling, this power becomes infinite.

“Under Aatm Nirbhar Bharat App transformation challenge.

The app name is Kutuki Kids Learning app for only kids. In this app has many songs and story in which they can easily solve their maths, science problems.

The prime minister also noted other related apps on many points.

PM Modi also praised the order given by the people of India as the celebration period, which will better check the range of Covid-19.

PM Modi said that We have seen single discipline and unity in our celebrations during Covid-19 times.

“The people of India are giving a high quality in keeping celebrations.”

The prime minister also praised the farmers for an improvement in the sowing area for many seeds. “Our lives and culture are inspired by the energy of farming only.

Our farmers have shown their life even during the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

The prime minister talked about the effect of diet and he said that to eat healthy food to everyone.

“We have a motto ‘Yatha Annam Tatha Mannam’.

It means our thinking and mental progress is right linked to the nature of our food eating,” said PM Modi.

He ended the Mann Ki Baat speech by telling people good health and asking them to stay safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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